Diamond core drill bits 1 1/4″ (5/4″), working length 450 mm

35,3 278,1 

Core drill bits for drilling i reinforced concrete, building materials, asphalt, natural stone.
M5 – Reinforced concrete, good cutting speed, good life (most popular)
M 4 – Highly reinforced, hard concrete, Hard materials, fast cutting.
Other types on request.



Detailed description:


Brand: BMTG

Diameters: 52 to 252 mm
Drill mount bracket: 1 1/4” UNC
Working length: 450 mm
Diamond core drill, core drill, bit, hole saw, drill rig.

Application of BMTG diamond core drills:
for reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete), building materials, asphalt, natural stone, etc.

Professional non-impact drilling of holes using the diamond technique (e.g. in walls, ceilings, balconies, stairs) for plumbing, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary, gas, heating, telecommunications installations, etc.
Making technical openings when making door and window openings, dismantling concrete structures, etc.
Drilling holes for sampling for analysis of concrete building structures and asphalt surfaces.

High-quality diamond segments manufactured in our company. The highest quality diamond and high-quality metal powders produced e.g. in Canada, Poland, France and Italy were used for their production.
Laser welded. Thanks to the use of the laser welding process carried out in our company on specialized CNC machines of the latest generation, our drills have the ability to work dry and wet, very precise segment mounting, the highest mechanical strength of the connection of diamond segments with the drill body, the highest thermal resistance of the connection of segments with drill body. The attachment strength of each diamond segment is dynamometrically checked. The strength obtained in the laser welding process usually significantly exceeds the applicable standards.
• Thanks to our use of fiber laser welding, it is possible to use the highest cutting (drilling) speeds when drilling.
• The shape of the segments ensures a faster start of the drilling process, thanks to a smaller rake surface when starting work with a new drill.
• High efficiency and durability in both wet and dry operation.
• Super precisely made drill bodies, which ensures the smallest axial runouts, the smallest radial runouts, high drill shape accuracy, and drilling precision.
• Fast and precise drilling of holes without impact ensures the safety of the structure (no cracks).
• Drilled holes have an even surface and dimensions according to specifications.
• Thanks to high quality, drills can be regenerated many times.
• Drills are marked using laser, mechanical or graphic marking.

Designed for medium and high power drilling rigs.
Core drills produced by BMTG fit drilling rigs: Tyrolit, Weka, Pentruder, Cedima, Dr Bender, Dr. Schulze, Cardi, Bosch, Baier, Ridgid,Norton, Rothenberger, DeWalt, Dedra, Rems, Eibenstock and others with 1 ¼” UNC mount.
With the use of an appropriate adapter, they also fit Hilti drills.

Additional information

Diameter (mm)

52, 62, 72, 82, 92, 102, 112, 122, 132, 142, 152, 162, 172, 182, 202, 225, 250, 300

Segment type

M5, M4